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Kholin-Hotel, Hotel Complex

Kholin-Hotel, Hotel Complex

• 2-seater - 500 rubles. / Koyko-space, with a double bed - 1000 rubles / number;
• 4-seater - 400 rubles / bed-space;
• Comfort number (with a bathroom in the room) - 1500 rubles.
Established hour - 14:00.
Total spacious kitchen, Wi-Fi, Parking.
Additional services: washing, ironing linen.

• 1-, 2-bed rooms with a bathroom for 4 rooms (all rooms are calculated for a maximum of two people);
• 2-seater comfort; < Br /> • Extra place - 50% of the room's cost.
In rooms, comfortable furniture, TV. Bathroom, Wi-Fi.
In hotels, there is a sauna, billiards.
Estimated hour - 24 hours.

• TV, DVD;
• microwave oven;
• Electric kettle;
• Washing machine;
• Fresh bed linen and towels.
All reporting documents are provided.
Booking for free.
Estimated hour - 24 hours.
The price does not depend on the number of residents.

Camellia sauna: 2 halls, relaxation rooms, pools, Finnish paired, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, karaoke.

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