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LLC Company Infosroja

LLC Company Infosroja

LLC Company Infosroja

Infosure company was founded in 1990 and is currently one of the leading developers of Russia in the field of software creation on integrated construction cost management. Our strategy: development and implementation of corporate software solutions that ensure the effective interaction of all participants in the building process. The components of our success: Real implemented solutions, information and technical support, own training center.

Our products:

Complex A0 is a solution to assess costs, specifically designed for companies that want to increase their competitiveness, responding to modern evaluation problems: faster, with less effort, greater accuracy, less risk and with an increased level of confidence. Complex A0 is a powerful cost estimation software that allows you to be more efficient, more accurate, win and conduct more profitable projects.

The PIR system is a universal tool for design organizations and construction companies that are participants in investment activities in construction in construction, as well as an indispensable assistant for individual estimates that can use simple and elegant techniques and various methods for performing estimated calculations.

The PMProgress complex is a modular software environment that allows you to collect all the estimated documentation for construction objects in a single database. The complex provides collective use of this information when planning and accounting for construction production in accordance with domestic standards and procedures.
PMProgress is successfully used by large businesses to build a variety of solutions for integration with blocks and improving the enterprise's internal business processes.

The Pmagent module is a unique solution in the field of integration of graphs and estimates!
The Pmagent module is a planner tool intended for data exchange between estimated software and calendar-network planning systems.

API is a set of functions with which you can access the A0 and / or / or integrator integrator integrator of PMProgress. Using the API, you can independently refue our software "for yourself". This speeds up the process of adapting to your needs, but requires programmers in your company. If necessary, we finalize the functionality of the API under the specifics of your tasks.

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