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SCR Body Repair Station

SCR Body Repair Station

The main focus "SCR" are body work. Excellent experience in this area ensures the quality and reliability of manufactured repair. Properly performed works are the reliability of the car in further operation. In our car service there is everything to fulfill reliable, high-quality and right

UKR is the repair of the car in the Turnkey St. Petersburg. A wide range of auto repair services, from body repair and coloring, before repairing chassis, engine, transmission, brake system, diagnostic work, maintenance. At the complex repair station, all brands of passenger cars are repaired. Our service has created comfortable conditions for the client. An individual approach to each car and its owner. Qualitative repairs in compliance with all rules and using only proven materials of well-known firms.
Our car service in St. Petersburg for more than ten years. We have a big customer base, and appreciate each of your client. Car repair for us is a hobby, a favorite thing to which we approach with a high level of professionalism and a huge desire to make our work qualitatively.

Our staff has extensive experience and high qualifications. We carefully follow the selection of frames. Each master of our car service is engaged in his business on vocation.

One hundred has all the necessary equipment for repairing a car in any area. Professional body color chamber, two stapels for restoring geometry, the entire tool for stripping and repairing elements, lifts and a necessary tool for high-quality fitter repair. Diagnostic equipment. And much more.

To save time, the client can provide all the necessary spare parts for the repair of the car at the price of the store, while you do not need to worry about the delivery time, delivery of spare parts in the car service and risk to buy not those parts. This allows you to avoid downtime cars in repair. What saves time and money owner.

If you after an accident you do not have the opportunity to come to evaluate the repair of the car in the car service there is a service "Rating on the photo". Send photos to the shape of \ "Assessments by photo \", located below and the specialist will draw a photo assessment and contact you within an hour. Our masters have tremendous experience that allows us to evaluate the photo as accurately as possible, while you will be given the maximum amount, taking into account hidden damage. In most cases, our photo wizards may assume that which hidden damage may be present at a time or other impact. In rare cases, it is really necessary to inspect the car personally. And for the comfort of our customers, we have the service "Departure of the Master to estimate the cost of repair." This allows you to get a complete assessment of the repair, without coming to the car service, which gives car owners who fell into a heavy accident, do not carry a car in a car service on the tow truck, and therefore save. Also, in particularly severe cases of repair, such a service, gives time to evaluate your capabilities and make a decision whether to repair the car.
In our service work with customers is paid to special attention. Our customers always know before the end of the final amount is completed, for you will not be a surprise final price. All possible changes on the list of necessary works that may arise in the course of repair, as well as additional parts and consumables, are stipulated with the client in the process, and only with the consent of the car owner. Also, during the entire repair, the client of our car service can watch online work, to learn about the repair work on the phone, or arriving personally in the car service. In the process of conducting body repair, the client may be convicted of highly renovated elements by visiting the car service before the start of painting works. What will allow with their own eyes to see what the element is really renovated, and not putty putpuckle.

We are honest in relation to our customers. We do not produce not necessary work, we give detailed advice on the further operation of the car and always warn about all the possible consequences of the installation of non-original spare parts and other ways to reduce the cost of repair. Leaving the choice of client.

We take into account all the wishes of the car owner, and repair the financial capabilities and requests of each client in a separate case. An individual approach is not an empty sound for us. We really work with each client separately, listening to all wishes, and give advice on how to make better or cheaper, depending on what the car owner wants to receive.

In the "UKR" service of the car will not be a problem for you. All hassle on the acquisition of spare parts and consumables we will take on yourself. Pre-recording at a convenient time for you, simplifies a visit to the car service.

We are interested in expanding our client base. And every new customer is very valuable to us. The maintenance of your car is always better trusted to one car service. Then the wizards will know the features of your car. A good wizard remembers its customers, and we have exactly such specialists.

All produced work on our service station have a guarantee. We never give up our works, and we always give advice on all possible issues, if any, after repair. And always ready to fix any shortcomings. But in the CRR of such cases practically does not happen.

Permanent customers at any time can receive advice on issues arising during the operation of the car. Our administrators will gladly tell about the service life, will give advice on the acquisition of spare parts and consumables. And also answer other issues related to the car.

Car service is located in St. Petersburg, Parnas, on the 5th Upper Lane, 15. One hundred borders from Engels, pos. Bugs, pos. Murino and ninekino. The nearest metro stations \ "Parnas \" and \ "Enlightenment Avenue \". You will consult our administrator for any issue of car repair. The phone of our car service is always available for calls 8 921 550-30-31.

We are waiting for you to repair in our car service!

Body repair station \ "SKR \" is located in St. Petersburg, on ul. 5th Upper Lane, 15 ,. The nearest metro station \ "Parnas \".
Address: SPb, ul. 5th Upper Lane, 15
Phone: +7 921 550-30-31

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Russia, St. Petersburg, 5th Upper Lane, 15

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Mon 10:00 - 19:00
Tue 10:00 - 19:00
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Thu 10:00 - 19:00
Today Fri 10:00 - 19:00

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Car repair and maintenance (service station)  Body repair  Repair of the chassis of the car 

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