Thezagaz carries out a comprehensive supply of equipment for automotive gas stations AGZS. The range of supplied equipment for AGZS includes: UZDG gas discusses (UZDG 01-1, UZZSG 01-2), adast (adstant), Pumps for liquefied hydrocarbon gas Sug Corken FD-150, CORKEN Z-2000, Hydro Vacuum, stainless flexible Metal worker for plum-sleeve liquefied hydrocarbon gas sug from tankers Sug, high pressure sleeves for plum-pouring Sug, safety, lock, adjusting fittings for liquefied gas REGO, CORKEN, BlackMer, Batu, sensor, Cavagna Group, filling cranes (pistols) Brevetti T3B, LPG 450, liquefied gas level gauges, spare parts for equipment SUG.

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Bildyukhino, 103.

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