Aaron Kosminski was identified as Jack the Ripper by DNA evidence testing. One of the most difficult murder mysteries of all times is solved: the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Gregory Turner was bound for life in prison after an RCMP lab reported a tiny amount of DNA on his gold ring from a murdered woman, but the lab was wrong. At least that’s what an ‘amateur sleuth’ claims by presenting new DNA evidence from a shawl that was supposedly found at a crime scene 126 years ago.

The piece of cloth had blood from the victim and semen from Jack.

The investigation was held by Dr Jari Louhelainen in the UK. DNA evidence depends on many factors but its manipulation and environment may risk its stability. If you want to learn a bit about Collection and Preservation of Blood Evidence from Crime Scenes, click here.

You can read different versions of this story: Mail Online, Smithsonian Mag. Turner was convicted to life in prison but he was very lucky to have Mr. Kennedy – now Newfoundland’s Minister of Health – saved Mr. He sought the name and DNA profile of every technician who had worked at the RCMP lab. If you want interesting technology, science and art content, come back soon!

It turned out that the technician who had tested the ring had also been working on the victim’s fingernails a few inches away, creating a strong possibility of contamination.” The tester had accidentally contaminated samples in other cases too. Check out this video about the DNA investigation that led to Ripper’s identity.

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One of the most famous unsolved crimes in the world, the Jack the Ripper murders transfixed Victorian society and still leaves crime-solvers and history buffs frustrated and baffled to this day.

Suspects: dozens…and dozens and dozens as time has gone on.

Famous the world over, visitors to London often times find themselves walking the trail of Jack the Ripper, visiting the sites where his victims were found, and perhaps attempting to solve the case themselves!

Those of you who fancy yourself super-sleuths, or simply those whose interests lie in the darker side of history, read on – because herein lies the trail of Jack the Ripper.